Why Join SLC?

Seminar p2SLC takes the lead in the bidding process by developing and submitting the proposal, with your input and concurrence, and provides support in executing duties, to include training if required. With our established presence in the System for Award Management (SAM) we also take care of the invoicing and reporting requirements. Our compensation is competitive and dependent on the amount awarded by the contract; SLC retains a small percentage to cover administrative expenses.

SLC’s business model gives team members great flexibility to monitor opportunities as they become available, and then choosing short-term through multi-year contracts, part-time to full-time positions, how much to be reimbursed (cognizant of the risk of bidding yourself out of a market), and availability for work – all of which can complement other life opportunities members may be engaged in. We look for opportunities across the country and overseas, so members may live anywhere, especially with the distance education jobs that SLC often pursues.

SLC’s deep pool of talent enables us to assemble diverse teams of experts tailored to succeed at particular tasks with only short notice, or to offer a single individual expert well suited to a task. SLC is eager to try new opportunities and will collaborate with its members to pursue something that a member identified as interesting.

Depending on the contractual requirements, team members are “hired” as subcontractors. As subcontractors, instructors are personally responsible for all self-employment taxes and local, state, and federal income taxes.

Skills required – our niche is strategic leadership, but we teach any level of leadership, military or government. Our team’s credentials also more than qualify us for leadership consulting with business. Here is a list of the skills for which we are looking:

  • Education level (military and/or civilian) equal or superior to the level required by the contract, but usually at the master’s level or higher.
  • Experience in one or more of the following organizations:

Uniformed services

Department of State

Department of Homeland Security

Intelligence community

U.S. Agency for International Development

Allied military service and/or service in commensurate agencies as those listed above

  • Recent experience from assignments or instructional experience in topics required by contract. Here is a partial list:

Command, leadership and management


Military Doctrine and operations

Joint staff service

Military and U.S. history

Military planning

National military strategy

National security policy and strategy

Research and academic writing

  • Expertise in one or more of the following:

DOD management and budget

Irregular Warfare

Joint operations and staff

Methodology for formulating regional appraisals and global strategy assessments

Military strategy — theory, evolution and application

National security studies

Operational art and campaign planning

Senior leadership and ethics

Theory of war, theater and above

Regional studies, economics, or international relations


  • Previous teaching experience (online experience for distance education contracts)
  • Expertise with computer software (e.g., Microsoft Office) and video-teleconferencing
  • Skilled in written and oral communications

To apply to join the SLC Team, simply send to slc@teamslc.com:

  • A copy of your resume or CV
  • A completed skills listing (below). The skills listing are meant to be a comprehensive survey. Fill in the skills that are applicable, and leave the rest blank.

Skills Matrix Input Form