Why Choose SLC?

SLC is now CMMC Level 1 compliant.


We have extensive experience in the development and presentation of a variety of subjects in resident and distant education venues as well as the conduct of academic research, writing, and leading battlefield staff rides (for a complete list see our Competencies below). Our team of former senior military and Foreign Service Officers has years of practical experience leading and managing high-performing organizations. They have practiced what they teach and are experts. In addition to being graduates of the U.S. military’s intermediate level education (e.g., Command and General Staff College) and senior service colleges, many have joint service backgrounds as we ll as expertise in homeland security. Several also have formal, civilian education credentials in leadership and management. All members have or had security clearances, and are eligible to upgrade their clearances if required.

CompetenciesSeminar p1

SLC team members are each qualified in one or more of the following:

  • Command, leadership and ethics
  • DOD management and budget
  • Doctrine and operations
  • Insurgency, counterinsurgency and irregular warfare
  • Joint operations and staff
  • Military history
  • Military planning – operational art, campaign, planning and design
  • National military strategy – theory, evolution and application
  • National security policy & strategy – theory, evolution and application
  • Regional studies and global strategy assessments
  • Theory of war
  • Academic and operational research and reporting on the results. Sample topics include:
    • Studies of regional hot spots and potential U. S. Army involvement in them
    • Cyberspace and Space issues
  • Staff rides of battlefields across the United States and around the world